Cottrell Engineering Services provides pragmatic solutions to multi-discipline Engineering, Construction and related Manufacturing projects in Australia and New Zealand.

We help to interrogate and manage projects at all stages, and provide advice, strategy, tools and resource so that you get it right first time, and the result is exceptional quality.

Ultimately, CES will identify and control risk in all phases of your engineering project. Our services are detailed below, and we are always available for a no-obligation discussion in the first instance.

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The CES culture is one of pragmatic solutions, collaboration, trust and integrity. This means telling it like it is, but always adding value.

Our Engineers, Planners and Supervisors are hired into this culture, and bring it to our projects.

Our team is made up of niche-skilled personnel, multi-disciplined and generalist personnel that are able to perform in wide-ranging roles on many projects.

Design Management starts with a real and complete understanding of the project objectives, and from the perspective of all stakeholders.

Our Design Managers understand the importance of distilling the project objectives into a very clear brief, and that the brief must address the requirements and desires of the client, the users, the owners, the operators, the community, and all groups that may be affected by a project.

While an accurate brief is necessary to drive, and control a project, we also know that requirements and desires often change during the project life-cycle. It is the role of the Design Manager to control this and implement a rigorous management of change process, that ultimately is founded in ongoing and effective stakeholder engagement through all project phases.

CES Design Managers also provide Design Review, Verification, Validation and Alternative Solutions, to ensure our clients are getting value-for-money outcomes. It starts with the right concept, thus early involvement of skilled Design Managers removes significant risk.

Cottrell Engineering Services provides tender services to all tender stakeholders before and during tender. This includes end-clients or managing contractors putting tenders into the market, tier-1 and 2 contractors, subcontractors and manufacturers and suppliers pricing work.

On client-side, CES provides input to tender documents, writing, compilation, local market knowledge, planning and execution of tenders.

On the tenderer-side, CES provides pragmatic review and risk assessment of tender documents, alternative (often bid-winning) solutions, cost estimating and procurement services, writing, compilation and submission strategy.

For subcontractors and suppliers of materials and equipment we provide tools and advice to ensure they meet the client requirements in relation to quality control, approvals, schedule and reporting.

Cottrell Engineering Services provides pre-planning, execution and post-execution expertise to minor and major plant shut-downs.

CES shutdown engineers and planners understand and champion the integration of schedule and cost control, and this is used to closely monitor, forecast and change critical paths and ultimately, the total duration and cost of a plant shutdowns.

Detailed understanding of our clients’ design, procurement, construction, quality assurance & commissioning requirements, as well as local market knowledge enables CES to deliver quality outcomes and meet shutdown objectives.

CES assists our clients to resource their projects by providing the right people, at the right time and in the right roles. Each of the CES management team have performed and have excellent reputations in the very roles that we resource. This means we intimately understand our client’s
needs and desires for each role and person, and that we accurately understand the skills and capabilities of our people.

Our personnel are seconded into client teams on short-term, project-hire or long-term arrangements, and we provide all employment administrative services. Typically, we turn-around requests and mobilise personnel within a week.

Cottrell Engineering Services can review your project scope and break it down to manageable work scopes and procurement packages. With detailed market knowledge in the SMP space, we are ideally placed to package, plan and administer the market testing of each work scope.

Following market-testing, CES provides technical review of submissions and provides clear tender comparisons on a technical compliance, project-life value assessment and whole-of-life value assessment basis.

Our procurement team has experience in contract set-up and ongoing management of procurement packages, including on-site and off-site inspections to manage quality control and schedule risk.

Cottrell Engineering Services provides a range of asset integrity and related technical services including Weld Procedure Specifications and Procedure Qualification Testing and Records, Welding Inspection services, QA/QC inspections, Non-destructive Testing, Design Life Extension calculation and reporting. Please get in touch for further information or a no-obligation discussion of your project requirements.
Typically, construction projects spend 10’s of thousands of hours re-creating standard project documentation on every project.

The CES exclusive QATOMS™ delivery system provides automated and standardised project document sets to SMP projects. We don’t reinvent the wheel, saving significant engineering hours, and enabling our Clients’ site and project engineers to spend more time on site identifying and
managing risk.

Our QATOMS™ delivery can include Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) and Checklists (CLs) that are tailored to suit the project and stakeholder requirements. Our service then extends into efficient compilation of Work Packs, Test Packs, Manufacturer’s Data Reports (MDRs) and Hazardous Area
Dossiers (HADs).

Cottrell Engineering Services creates Quality, Administrative and Technical Operations Management Systems (QATOMS™) for Engineering and Construction companies.

The management systems we create range from off-the-shelf industry norm systems, to bespoke, project or technically specific systems.

CES will ensure your company management system is streamlined, user-friendly, accessible and purpose-built – ultimately to ensure it becomes a value-adding system that actually drives and controls your business, and improves efficiency of your Quality, Administrative and Technical

If you need to include specific management system documents in your project tender, and don’t currently have them, we will get you there, meet the tender deadline, and the system will actually work for you.

Cottrell Engineering Services provides specialist technical services including:

  • Non-destructive Testing (Dye Penetrant Examination, Magnetic Particle Examination, Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Radiographic Testing)
  • Laser Scanning of the built environment, and BIM modelling – enabling accurate plug-and-play design for installation in existing and operational environments
  • Pipe Stress Analysis for pressure piping including external loading
  • Hydraulic and Surge Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering and Design Life Extension

Please get in touch for further information on the full range of our specialised technical services, or a no-obligation discussion of your project requirements.